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Equipment Buying Options

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Equipment Finance Options

Secure & Unsecure Loans, Fixed & Variable Loans, Business or Personal Use,  Used or New & All Lease Types

Equipment Loan Amounts

$5,000 to $1m+

Loan Eligibility & Documents

 Are you eligible for finance?

To apply with Talk To A Broker, you must:

Be over 18 years of age

Hold a current & valid driver’s licence

Be an Australian Citizen or a Permanent Resident

Have a registered ABN. The longer the more options you have

Documentation needed for your loan?

100-point ID is needed and consists of a combination of the following

Current Australian Passport, Valid Drivers Licence or Medicare card

Asset & Liabilities (details of your expenses)

Self Employed – provide 2 years of tax returns & NOA

Company – provide 2 years of financials, last 2 quarter BAS statements + bank statements


Get the right options – We provide the very best possible options for your finance needs

  • At Talk To A Broker, we simplify the application process. Let us explain the
    difference between leasing, chattel mortgages and hire purchases.
  • Our loan experts can instantly provide you with the best options available
    for your needs.
  • Low Doc or Full Doc options, 1 day ABN or 2 year+ ABN we’ve got options
    available to you.

Get the right features – We ensure the right features of the loan to suite you

  • End to end service to incorporate all the loan features you want plus many you
    may not know about.
  • Understand ABN loan features and benefits (instant asset write off, depreciation
    and tax benefits).
  • Financials not ready? Speak to our specialist about other options.

Get the right terms – We will negotiate for the terms and conditions that are favourable to you

  • Flexibility with repayment frequency, to ensure it suites your monthly budget.
  • Interest rates, that are fixed for the duration of your account.
  • Set your loan period up to 7 years subject to lending criteria.


Need some help? Below are some common questions. If you can’t find your question or just need some help, call us on 1300 123 125

Why don't you advertise rates?

We have access to market leading rates across all of Australia’s leading brands in business finance. We don’t believe in advertising the lowest rate to only then tell a borrower they may not qualify for it.

We do provide full disclosure of rates available to each enquirer based on their particular background and circumstances.

In most situations, we are able to provide the lowest or most competitive rate attached with the best features and terms once we know what they qualify for.

I haven’t lodged my financials or haven’t done my BAS do you have other options?

We understand businesses can sometimes be a little late when it comes to lodging documents with the accountant or tax office, we have lenders who reward long standing stable businesses without financials. We have lenders who can approve on bank statements alone. Speak to one of our brokers today to visit your options.

Are there any restrictions with my ABN length?

No restrictions – we have lenders who can finance 1 day ABN’s (provided you have some relevant history) all the way through to those ABN’s who have been in business for years.

My business gets paid irregularly, sometimes I need to wait until the invoice comes in before I have solid cashflow, can I still get finance?

We understand our clients and we know our lenders products and appetites! Some business owners have seasonal or project-based income and money might not come in until the building is built and sold or the fruit is harvested and sold.

We understand all of that and the complexity of cashflow and can explain to you as a client which lender is suitable for your industry and type of work. We’ve helped many clients with bridging finance or to get the wheels rolling to ensure they don’t stop working.

Why choose a commercial asset broker over dealership finance?

Dealerships are incentivised to keep your business in house as one package and won’t advise you on any of the better options outside of their location.

By choosing a broker you allow yourself to view multiple options which can often include the same lender the dealer uses at a cheaper rate or lower repayment.

We will also help you navigate multiple products (between lease, hire purchase, sale and buyback and chattel mortgage) something a dealership won’t be able to assist with.

How can Talk To A Broker save me money on a commercial vehicle loan?

Our car loan specialist are product experts and can quickly help you find savings that go beyond rate – by providing you with detail on product benefits that can have a big impact on your bottom line.

There is no obligation in speaking with one of our experts and they can help you increase your loan savings, buying power or possibly both.

How long does it take to get approved and funded?

We have options to provide full approval and funding generally within 24 to 48hrs. The speed of approval is largely based on how quick you can provide the necessary documentation.

In most cases, documents required include your application, Medicare card and driver’s licence that constitutes your 100 point ID verification and some documentation relating to your business income (financials, bank statements or BAS statements).

Am I able to purchase a vehicle privately?

Absolutely, private sale vehicles are one of our strongest features. We can provide you with a secured car loan or unsecured personal loan to meet your specific needs.

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